Note: Arlie is available to meet with you by appointment. Please call our adoptions department at (650) 367-1405 to schedule a time to meet this special gal. 

Arlie is a super fun-loving gal who is looking for a buddy who loves to exercise. She’s a great hiker, and loves to be in nature where she can unwind and explore.

Arlie is great with other dogs of similar size, as long as they love to play! Rambunctious, rough-and-tumble play is her favorite activity.

Super smart and food-motivated, Arlie is a quick learner and has a blast learning new things when it’s done in a positive, force-free way. She already knows sit, down, and touch. She’s also good at leash walking, although she prefers to walk in quiet places such as nature trails (cars are scary!).

Once Arlie’s had a chance to get her energy out, she becomes a super affectionate dog. She likes to go slow meeting new people, but once she knows she can trust you, she loves to show her affectionate side by rubbing up against you and asking for pets.