Henna is currently in foster care. To inquire about Henna, please email info@petsinneed.org or call one of our adoption specialists at (650) 367-1405.

Henna’s foster family says the following about Henna and her progress in foster care: “Henna won us over pretty quickly; we had spent a total of 20 minutes with her before applying to become her foster family.

In that brief period, it seemed clear that from a dog training perspective, Henna had an incredible temperament: affectionate, confident, and bursting with desire to learn and work. Her eagerness to interact struck us both as an impressive testament to Pets In Need’s excellence. In the wrong environment it’s easy for a deaf animal to become fearful and aggressive, with predictable consequences for a shelter dog. Henna, on the other hand, was just about the bounciest, happiest dog imaginable.

We were moved by Henna’s story and resilience. It was clear that with some intensive, 24/7 attention, Henna could learn the manners necessary to become a great pet, so we were excited to take her on.

She hit the house like a whirlwind. Almost immediately she earned herself the nickname Sharky. For the first 10 days she did not hold still for more than a few seconds. Whew! But the promise of that first impression was spot-on. Henna now is barely recognizable as the perpetual-motion dog from four weeks ago.

Rik (dog volunteer) had already taught Henna to sit at Pets In Need. At warp speed she’s bulking up her repertoire of behaviors, both environmental—rest in the crate, wait at the door, four-on-the-floor, observe personal space—and on cue—fetch, stay, walk on a loose leash, lie down, combat crawl, hit a target with her nose (her favorite!).

There’s a ways yet for her to go! Like a puppy in her first human household, Henna is still figuring out what is appropriate play. She also gets very excited if she spots another dog. But in these first four weeks in her foster home, she’s become a different dog: Henna has begun thinking instead of just reacting to her environment. We can’t wait to check in again soon.

Henna is so smart and affectionate, she’s made huge progress since we first brought her home a month ago. Henna has now been trained in about 10 hand signals and light signals. Currently Henna is learning to “target” – to touch her nose to a spot we indicate. She has calmed down significantly with regular exercise and mental stimulation. Her house behavior has really improved, she especially loves to snuggle and snooze on the sofa with us if we are reading or watching TV. From a DNA test we’ve learned Henna is a German Short Haired Pointer and a Labrador Retriever cross. She sure exhibits many of those breed traits– boisterous energy, super affectionate, very smart, and eager to please!

Our next focus is developing Henna’s leash skills and behavior with other dogs. That will require Henna to learn many small skills/behaviors to build up to successful leash walking and dog play. We also hope to start “nose work” to leverage her very keen nose and further engage her mind.

Henna’s deafness is simply not an issue for her, she’s so smart and eager. All dogs and their owners benefit from good training, Henna’s training is just more hands and less voice!”