Henna-Adopted 7/15/17

Henna is currently in foster care. To inquire about Henna, please email info@petsinneed.org or call one of our adoption specialists at (650) 367-1405.

Henna’s foster family has this to say about Henna:

“Henna is a gorgeous, highly-intelligent, affectionate, 5 – 6 year-old very trainable half German Shorthaired Pointer and half Labrador Retriever who is looking for just the right forever home. She has been in the foster home of a dog trainer since Dec 2016, learning good manners through operant conditioning. Henna is profoundly deaf and has learned numerous hand signals. She has blossomed into a wonderful family pet.

Henna has an incredible temperament: affectionate, confident, and bursting with desire to learn and work. At warp speed she’s bulking up her repertoire of behaviors, both environmental—rest in the crate, wait at the door, four-on-the-floor, observe personal space—and on cue—fetch, stay, walk on a loose leash, lie down, combat crawl, hit a target with her nose (her favorite!). Her eagerness to interact struck us as an impressive testament to Pets In Need’s excellence. In the wrong environment it’s easy for a deaf animal to become fearful and aggressive, with predictable consequences for a shelter dog. Henna, on the other hand, is just about the bounciest, happiest dog imaginable. Henna is super gentle with people, fabulous with very young children, never fearful, and has a keen sense of smell (a great candidate for nose work). She loves belly rubs and snuggling on the sofa as though she were a tiny dog! She has a powerful prey drive, so no cats or other small animals.

Henna is house broken, crate trained, spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. She does best with plenty of exercise so she doesn’t get creative. She’s 50 pounds of love! Due to her history and deafness, Henna has poor dog to dog social skills – she is wildly eager to meet other dogs (which could provoke the other dog). She has made enormous progress with her on-leash dog reactivity over the last few months and will continue this work with her new family. Presently she’s a great companion on trails, hiking or running, as long as other dogs are not in sight. Henna LOVES to train – her deafness is not an obstacle. Henna’s skin is clear and her coat is lustrous now that her allergies are managed via weekly baths and as-needed medication.

Henna’s ideal family will be eager to bond deeply with her through daily ongoing training and plenty of exercise/activity. They’ll have a flexible schedule so that someone is home with her a good portion of each day. A San Francisco Peninsula location is preferred so that Henna’s transition is smooth and her new family can learn the training methods and signals in their own home. She comes with a lifetime commitment by her current trainer to Henna & her forever family! If you think Henna is a great choice for you, please contact Pets In Need today!”