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Jane is a special girl with a condition called hemivertebrae which is a deformed vertebrae that results in neurological problems. She is not in any pain but she does not have proper use of her rear limbs. She has been going to physical therapy since she was 3 months old and she gets around with the help of a cart.

Jane is in a foster home but she is ready to find her forever home. She will always require more assistance and care than normal dogs but she is a happy-go-lucky pup that melts the hearts of all that meet her.

Jane’s foster family has had her since she was just a puppy, and has this to say about her personality:

“The World According to Jane

Jane is full of energy ready to go for walks in her wheelchair or just hop around in the yard. She is fearless, daring and resilient. Jane never, ever gives up (even when you wish she would!). Her wheelchair is her freedom and just watching her run and be mobile brings a smile to your face and hers (who does not love the wind in their hair?). She mastered her wheelchair in a couple of days, and she’s working on her recall abilities. She is capable of climbing a few steps without difficulty, but always appreciates a lift. Getting her dressed to go out requires a harness and booties. Just seeing her harness makes her happy, excited and crazy. Getting her dressed is like dressing a first grader on the first day of school.

Jane is comfortable around other dogs and smaller animals as well (cats, chickens and rabbits, with supervision). However, she sometimes forgets she a big dog and gets carried away trying to greet other small animals.

Jane enjoys chewing on stuffed animals and is quite proud of herself when she can dislodge the squeaker. Kongs stuffed with treats and cheese are her absolute favorite.

She enjoys a good car ride, and has learned to hop up onto the seat so that she can look out the window. She rides well in the car and has traveled through northern California, Oregon and Washington – she even rode the ferry in Washington several times!

The beach is her favorite destination, and she loves a good run down the shoreline.

She stays in a pen and not a crate due to her mobility issues. She is in her pen at night. Jane gets a bath several times a week and is comfortable in the bathtub, but definitely enjoys being towel dried more than the bath itself.

She has not been around children, but is always excited to meet new people. Her favorite people are her Physical Therapists- TREATS & CHEESE!  She goes to Physical Therapy twice a week to help with her mobility.”

If you are interested in meeting Jane, please give us a call and let our adoptions staff know that you are calling about Jane. Our medical staff can answer questions about the care she has received so far and the care she will need going forward.