For more information about Misty or to apply to foster her, please email Amanda Hardee at ahardee@petsinneed.org.

Misty is one of our longest-stay animals, but is also a staff and volunteer favorite. She is slow to warm up to new people, but once she does, she’s very sweet and affectionate. She’s fairly low energy, and is looking for a place where she can relax.

Misty tends to be fearful and anxious in the shelter environment, and reacts negatively to the stresses of being here – loud noises, barking dogs, and constantly seeing new people walk by her room tend to cause her anxiety.

Misty needs a foster home that will be a safe, calming place for her. She will go home with a training plan to help set her up for success, and our staff will follow up to ensure her training is going well and that she’s thriving in a quieter environment.

Her foster home should be a quiet place without other dogs, with a dog savvy foster family that can help this special girl get the attention she needs.