Tad – Adopted 4/29/17

Tad’s adoption fee has been generously sponsored by PIN supporter Erik Oliver!

Tad is here to steal your heart.

Tad is a social, energetic dog. He enjoys activity and just wants to be included in whatever you’re doing. With a moderate amount of exercise and playing, he’s happy to rest and relax the rest of the day.

In Tad’s foster home, he showed a huge capacity for indoor life and should make a smooth transition to his new family. He’s house-trained, and indicates his need at the door. Tad is super social with kids, and loves new people once he is introduced properly. He likes to follow people in the house, but is fine resting on his own when his people are busy.

Tad knows a few basic commands and has the potential to learn more. He’s very smart, and has learned over time that he can often get more attention from people when he sits than when he jumps on them. He loves his people a lot, which helps with his training – he’s very responsive to verbal tones (being told to sit, etc.) and is somewhat food motivated as well.

At this time, Tad would prefer to be the only dog in the home. However, he has shown interest in being social and playing with other dogs in the past as long as he has a long introductory period.

Tad is a fun-loving, spirited dog who would do great with a family that can establish a routine for him that includes both exercise and training. He is so lovable and sweet, and just needs that perfect someone to give him the love and attention he deserves!