Adorable Amalthea is singing the blues


(Update 10/15/19: Amalthea has been adopted!)

Some cats suffer in silence when they’re unhappy. Others suffer in…noise. Amalthea falls pretty firmly into the latter category. When this 9-year-old calico cutie is alone in her kitty condo for too long, she starts singing the blues.

It goes without saying that cats, in general, are not celebrated for their singing voices. Even by feline standards, Amalthea sounds — and there’s really no nice way to say this — like an injured duck. Everyone who hears her griping can’t help but laugh.

There is good news, though! The second we pull her out of her condo, she quiets down. Poor Amalthea just hates being confined. She much prefers curling up next to the humans she likes, being brushed, and receiving copious chin scratches.

Amalthea is the perfect cat for a busy professional or first time cat owner, because she’s friendly, chill, undemanding, and very easy to handle. She can happily go to a home with a dog or kids, but prefers to be an only cat.

This sweet kitty girl is eligible for foster to adopt. To learn more, please email

Jamie Pearson