Pets In Need offers dog adopters and their canine companions a discount on training classes through Pat Rohde’s Canine College.

When you adopt a dog from us, you will receive a $150.00 training class for half price. You pay a $75.00 deposit at the time of the adoption and another $75.00 when you and your canine companion begin training. When your training is completed, return to PIN with your training completion certificate and we will refund your $75.00 deposit. A well behaved dog makes for a happier home and will give you peace of mind when you bring your canine companion around friends, family and children.

Our wonderful instructor, Pat Rohde, has more than 40 years of experience training dogs at all levels of obedience and for show. For more information about training, visit or call Pat at (650) 364-3706.



Adopters pay $150 for an eight-week session through Canine College, $75.00 at the time of adoption and another $75.00 at the beginning of training class. Pets In Need will return the $75.00 deposit paid at the time of adoption after the training session has been successfully completed.


Classes are held on Saturday mornings or Monday nights. Beginner classes are 7 weeks – all other classes are 6 weeks long. See attached information flyer and 2018 class schedule.

NOTE: Attending a training session through Canine College is not mandatory in order to receive the refund of the $75 training deposit. Adopters can use the training facility of their choice.