Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday.


This year, this global day of giving takes place on Tuesday, November 27.

After the feasts and shopping for holiday gifts, we hope you join in the global giving movement that is Giving Tuesday! Consider giving a life-saving gift to dogs and cats who have special medical needs by making a donation to our Second Chance Fund.

We use our Second Chance Fund to pay for unforeseen and emergency medical expenses for our animals because well—you know—things happen. In the past, we have treated animals for hernias, pneumonia, cancer, broken limbs, skin disorders, and more. Because of donations to our Second Chance Fund, these animals are able to live out their lives in comfortable homes with people who love them. Scroll down to read about just a few animals who have benefited from this fund.


Donate on Giving Tuesday and be a hero for dogs and cats.

The link to donate will appear here on Giving Tuesday!





Oreo (formerly Picasso)

We picked up Oreo and his two littermates from a shelter in the Central Valley when they were about 2 months old. Soon after, we observed these rambunctious, floppy pups breathing heavily and becoming lethargic. Oreo in particular was trembling and vomiting undigested food. After a few x-rays, all three pups were diagnosed with pneumonia. Treatment started right away and comprised of antibiotics throughout the day, bland food, and overnight stays at the hospital in oxygen chambers. Once they were healthy enough, the puppies were brought back to our shelter, but needed continued monitoring and limited activity, which is really hard for spunky puppies! Fast forward a couple of weeks, all three puppies found their forever homes after only a couple days of being brought to our adoption floor. 

Oreo has been spending the past several months bonding with his family. He has grown to 65 pounds and being 11 months old, he still has a little time left to get even bigger! Because of financial gifts to our Second Chance Fund, Oreo is able to enjoy frequent trips to the beach, roughhousing with his doggy cousins, and rides in fast cars and big trucks. 



Zen’s backstory is still a mystery, but we do know that since in our care, he has transformed into a happy, healthy, three-legged cuddle bug. His condition when he first arrived was not so pleasant. He had a hyperextended wrist that made it impossible to walk on his paw pad, causing painful sores and limited mobility. As if that wasn’t enough, he had a hernia on his side that caused his kidney to protrude in and out, and his teeth were in terrible condition due to horrific dental disease.

He has since shed one leg, multiple teeth, and his dreadful past and is looking towards a bright future with his forever family as a healthy little tripod. His life was saved thanks to donations to our Second Chance Fund, and we are so grateful to have been able to help such a special dog. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Zen, give us a call! And make sure to donate on Giving Tuesday to give future animals like Zen the opportunity at a future they deserve.