The Process

  1. Fill out our Matchmaking Profile, scan, and email it to or come to our shelter in person. Our adoption specialists will work with you to determine the best animal for your family and living situation.
  2. Meet the animal(s) and get a sense of their personality. Become acquainted with them and let them become acquainted with you.
  3. After you decide who to adopt, paperwork takes about 20-30 minutes and your new pet can go home with you that day!

Note: We recommend arriving at the shelter at least an hour before we close if you intend to adopt a pet. View our hours →


Adoption Fees

Dogs and puppies: $150

Cats and kittens: $125

*Dogs and puppies require a $75 training deposit that is refunded to you once you’ve completed training with your dog. Learn more about training here.


Adoption Requirements

  • All information entered into the Matchmaking Profile must be up-to-date and accurate. 
  • Those who rent must provide the property owner's contact information so that their pet policy can be verified.
  • A home visit may be required before an adoption is approved. This decision will be at the discretion of the adoption specialist.
  • When adopting a dog, everyone living in the household, including any other dogs, must come meet the animal. We will not complete an adoption until everyone has met and spent time with the dog to ensure best success. 
  • When adopting a cat, everyone living in the household must agree to having a new cat. It is not required that all adults meet the cat, but all children living in the household must visit the animal before the adoption.
  • There may be extra requirements or restrictions with certain animals. For example, some animals must be indoor only, require a backyard, or may not be suitable to live with young children or other animals. Talk with our adoption specialists to see if this applies to the animal you are interested in.