The Process

  1. Meet the animal(s) and get a sense of their personality. Become acquainted with them and let them become acquainted with you.

  2. After you decide who to add to your family, paperwork takes about 20-30 minutes and your new pet can go home with you that day!

Note: We recommend arriving at the shelter at least an hour before we close if you intend to adopt a pet. View our hours →


Adoption Fees

Dogs and puppies: $150

Cats and kittens: $125

*Dogs and puppies require a $75 training deposit that is refunded to you once you’ve completed training with your dog. Learn more about training here.


Adoption Requirements

  • All information provided on your application must be up-to-date and accurate.

  • Those who rent must provide the property owner's contact information so that the pet policy can be verified.

  • When adopting a dog, everyone living in the household — including other dogs — must first meet the animal. We will not move forward until everyone has met the dog.

  • When adopting a cat, everyone living in the household must agree to have a new cat. It is not required that all adults meet the cat, but all children living in the household must visit the animal before adoption.

  • There may be extra requirements or restrictions with certain animals. For example, some animals must be indoor only, require a backyard, or may not be suitable to live with young children or other animals. Talk with our adoption specialists to see if this applies to the animal you are interested in.