Age: 2 Years old
Gender: Female
Size: 9.03 lbs.

For an animal who stands, at most, nine inches tall, Brunhilda has an impressive vertical jump. Every time a visitor peers into her kennel, this funny girl gets so excited that she starts hopping around and running in circles. She’s a constant source of comic relief to us here at the shelter.

We’re often asked about her breed, and we love to guess. With that adorable underbite and curly tail, there’s definitely some pug in the mix. Besides that, her coloring is very terrier, and her eyes are a little chihuahua. Brunhilda herself may know, but she isn’t telling.

When she first meets you, she can be a little…exuberant. The truth is that she’s longing for human companionship. If you give her a few minutes to finish kissing you (okay, more than a few), she settles down with a chew toy and relaxes.

Need more laughter in your life? Come meet Brunhilda.

  • Gets along with most dogs

  • Great family dog

  • Affectionate temperament

  • The life of the party

  • Learning greeting and leash manners

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