Age: 1 Year Old
Gender: Female
Size: 14.55 lbs

Of all the dogs in our care, Amber has made the most dramatic progress in conquering her shyness. When she first came to us, she was frightened and frozen. She tucked her tail between her legs, and hid in the corner behind her bed.

Fast forward two weeks. While she’s never going to be an extrovert, Amber is a changed dog! At first, she tiptoed over to visitors for a quick sniff. Soon she was stealing kisses. Now, with people she knows, she rolls around in their laps begging for chin scratches.

This squirmy, goofy girl is great with other dogs. She has a low-key, easygoing personality. Amber loves cuddling with people, but once she’s feeling relaxed, she’s also happy chewing a bone quietly in the corner.

Amber has a gorgeous golden coat with white swirls on her chest and neck, that look a little like the foam art on a really good cappuccino. One of her eyes is half blue and half brown. While we’ll never know who were parents were, there was plenty of chihuahua in the mix, and maybe some dachshund.

We’re dying to see Amber find the patient and loving home that she deserves. If you have the time to invest in getting to know her slowly (it shouldn’t take more than two 30 minute visits — come on your lunch break!), you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of canine love and loyalty.

  • Gets along with most dogs

  • Prefers a feline-free home

  • Can be sensitive to touch - go slow

  • Shy with new people, but longing for affection

  • Usually polite and appropriate

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