Age: 1 year 11 months old
Gender: Male
Size: 7.4 lbs.

Amore’s adoption fee is covered through the Bacon Memorial Fund.

Amore is a diamond in the ruff!

Isn’t this little terrier mix delectable? Don’t you just want to squeal, scoop him up, and plant a kiss between those fuzzy little ears? We know exactly how you feel. Amore, however, needs some time to warm up.

When visitors stop in front of his kennel, he’s more likely to sound the alarm than roll out the red carpet. Most people walk away, which kind of breaks our hearts. Once you get past his tough guy act — and it really is just an act, he’s all wiggles, cuddles, and kisses.

Do you have a big heart and a little patience? Give Amore a visit or two to get to know you and he’ll give you a lifetime of love and devotion.

  • Gets along with most dogs

  • Great family dog

  • Can be sensitive to touch - go slow

  • Affectionate temperament

  • Shy with new people, but longing for affection

  • Usually polite and appropriate

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