Age: 6 Years old
Gender: Female
Size: 5.68 lbs.

Dainty little Birdie is new to our shelter and still finding her feet. The world is so big! The other dogs are so loud! There are so many visitors! Luckily, she’s got a couple of roommates to show her the ropes.

As nervous as she is, Birdie is very interested in people. When she meets visitors for the first time, she zooms over for a quick sniff and a stealth kiss before retreating to the corner to observe the goings on.

In time, we feel she’ll warm up to her people. She just needs to find them first. Do you have room in your heart and your home for Birdie? We would love to introduce you.

  • Gets along with most dogs

  • Can be sensitive to touch - go slow

  • Shy with new people, but longing for affection

  • Usually polite and appropriate

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