Age: 1 year 8 months old
Gender: Female
Size: 40 lbs

Daisy’s adoption fee is covered through the Bacon Memorial Fund.

A gorgeous girl who is adored by her regular handlers, Daisy is passionate about one thing: tennis balls!  In spite of her businesslike demeanor, this dog is gentle, silly, and affectionate.  Daisy forms very strong connections to her friends, and promises to be a loyal, loving pet for the right dog-savvy adopter. 

She will do best if she has a dedicated handler, a person she can bond to, work for, and trust to partner with her as she learns to navigate the world outside the shelter.  Daisy needs to slowly acclimate to new environments, new people, and other animals.

Because our girl can occasionally be fearful with new people, she needs to be carefully supervised in social situations.  Can you provide Daisy with consistency and love?  Come meet her.

  • Needs to be your only dog

  • Would prefer a feline-free home

  • Shy at first, but longing for affection

  • Can be sensitive to touch - go slow

  • Prefers humans 12 and older

  • Learning greeting and leash manners

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Photo provided by www.pawsandplaystudio.com

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