Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald


Age: 4 years
Gender: Female
Size:  8 lbs
Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Ella Fitzgerald is a super-sweet, loving dog who is very, very much in need of a stable, quiet home. Ella is a special needs dog: she has a condition that caused her to growl at and chase her own tail when she becomes overstimulated. It can be a bit scary when you first see her do it, but she’s never harmed herself, a human, or another pup in the process. During a brief stay in a foster home, Ella’s tail-chasing behavior was severely diminished, and our medical and behavior staff think it is likely that it will decrease even further once she finds a stable home where she can have a daily routine. Ella spends most of the day in our office at the shelter, where she likes to ask for pets, sleep quietly on her dog bed, and beg for yummy treats from our staff. She walks politely on leash and is an option for a home with another dog or a cat. Ella is a petite and sweet-natured gal. We would love to see her find a forever home that can love and care for her in spite of her issues.

Ella is an option for our Foster-to-Adopt program. To hear more about Ella, fostering-to-adopt, and with any other questions, please email rmeisels@petsinneed.org

Ella is available to meet by appointment only. To set up an appointment, please email rmeisels@petsinneed.org

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