Age: 11 Years old
Gender: Male
Size: 10.4 lbs.

Once upon a time, two nearly identical black cats roamed the halls of Pets in Need. They greeted visitors. They highjacked office chairs. They stretched out on important paperwork and took long naps. In all the ways that matter, they were our pets.

But an office is not a home. And they deserve a home.

Jax (shown in both pictures at right) is without question the extrovert of the pair. He is quick to cuddle even casual acquaintances, and is always up for affection. Had a long day? Jax wants to hear about it. Need your lap warmed? Jax is on it.

Piper is the lovable curmudgeon of the two. You only have to look at his face to know that he is judging you. Is he grouchy? Sure. But with that wonderfully expressive face, he is also a near-constant source of entertainment. Of the two, Piper is taking the loss of his previous free-range lifestyle harder.

Do you have room in your heart and your home for two adult cats who thrive on freedom and being in the middle of anything that’s going on? We would love to introduce you to Jax and Piper.

(These cats’ adoption fees are covered through the Bacon Memorial Fund. Jax and Piper are a bonded pair, and must be adopted together.)

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