Age: 3 Years old
Gender: Female
Size: 8.32 lbs.
Summer’s adoption fee is covered through the Bacon Memorial Fund.

Look into Summer’s eyes and you can see how she feels about being passed over for kittens by potential adopters. She feels exasperated.

It happens every day at shelters all over the world. Potential adopters come in, see a cute kitten…and never look any further. This is disappointing to adult cats who often wait months for a forever home of their own.

Despite these daunting prospects, Summer always puts her best paw forward. She approaches visitors with her best manners and welcomes them to her room (no easy feat, considering she is often overshadowed by her big-personality roommate). A social girl who also likes quiet time, Summer would do fine with or without other cats.

Not that looks matter, but Summer is a beauty. Her silver, rose gold, and white dilute calico fur is as soft as a rabbit’s, and her pale yellow eyes reveal her emotions to those who take the time to see.

Do you have room in your home and your heart for a wonderful adult cat who has waited long enough? We would love to introduce you to Summer.

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