Age: 7 years young
Gender: Female
Size:  26 lbs (full grown)
Breed: Terrier mix

Tina is a friendly, low-key, house trained girl. She’s good with other dogs, chatty, and emotionally demonstrative — you’ll never wonder where you stand with Tina! Also, she appreciates a good butt scratch.

When we pulled her from a public shelter, this gorgeous girl was going through a bit of a rough patch. She had chronic flea dermatitis, wonky knees, and hypothyroidism. We set her up with a foster who lavished love and attention on her while we got her skin and thyroid conditions under control and prepared her for knee surgery.

Tina had her surgery last week, and she’s making an amazing recovery. Soon she’ll be ready to ditch her cone and find a home of her own. Do you like funny, silly, talky dogs? You should definitely put Tina on your shortlist.

Tina is in a foster home

Please contact jweinstock@petsinneed.org to arrange a meeting →

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