Age: 3 Years old
Gender: Female
Size: 8.39 lbs.

Sweet-natured Tootie is very zen.

Mellow, quiet Tootie lives in the moment and doesn’t let the little things get to her. What’s more: just spending time with her is guaranteed improve your quality of life — it’s science.

Tootie isn’t one of those climb-the-curtains sort of cats, and for most people that’s a very good thing. Her low-drama personality makes her both a good roommate and a good candidate for apartment living. Give her a sunny couch, a big window, and a bird feeder to watch and she’ll be in kitty heaven.

Got a place in your home and your heart for a quiet girl who will love you and accept you just the way you are? We would love to introduce you to Tootie.

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