Age: 6 years old
Gender: Male
Size: 6 lbs

Approximately the size and shape of a russet potato, Yoda is much beloved by staff and visitors at Pets in Need. He is so small! Seriously, you have eaten burritos bigger than this dog. Everyone loves kittens and puppies, but no animal on the adoptions floor elicits more squeals from passersby than Yoda.

As far as hobbies go, Yoda appreciates the simple things in life: long ear scratches, warm laps, and lazy mornings. Do you hate hiking? Yoda hates hiking too. Do you love peace and quiet? Yoda couldn’t agree with you more. Chihuahuas were originally bred for companionship, and Yoda takes the job very seriously.

Nobody’s perfect, and Yoda is no exception. He would do best in a monogamous relationship. This little love-nugget doesn’t share his people nicely, so he needs to be your only canine child. We feel this is a small price to pay for so much awesome.

Intrigued by Yoda? We don’t blame you. Come meet him.

Needs to be your only dog

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