Age: 8 years old
Gender: Male
Size: 16 lbs

Sweet little Zen was a stray rescued from Selma, and he came to us in terrible condition. His fur was completely matted and full of fox tails, and his nails were so long he couldn't walk correctly. Medically, he had a kidney hernia and a deformity of his front right paw. This little champ had to undergo multiple surgeries. We neutered him, extracted some teeth, and repaired the hernia. Unfortunately, his leg needed to be amputated, but he’s 100% recovered now and ready for a home of his own.

Despite the rough patch he’s gone through, Zen is a happy, playful, and loving dog — if you didn’t know he was 8 years old, you’d think he was a puppy! According to his foster, his favorite things include plush toys that squeak, treats (especially chicken), and people who lavish attention on him. He’ll sit next to you and nudge you for more pets for hours. Despite having fewer legs than most dogs, he’s a little bit of a speed demon. Regular walks and visits to the dog park make his little doggie heart sing! Zen loves every person he’s ever met, and most dogs too. In his foster home, he regularly even cuddles with his foster mom’s chinchilla.

Do you have room in your home and your heart for Zen? Please get in touch — we’d be happy to set up a meeting!

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