Chip - Adopted 11/10/18

Chip - Adopted 11/10/18


Age: 25 weeks old
Gender: Male
Size: 7.47 lbs.

Chip is a big, lanky teenaged kitten with pretty much the perfect feline personality: he’s friendly and easygoing, and equally happy to climb in your lap or play with a toy. He’s not clingy, however, just affectionate.

Got other cats? No problem. Chip currently lives with four similarly-aged kitty roommates, and brings absolutely no drama to the situation. He would also be a really good first cat for a family with kids.

Physically, this tuxedo kitty is a total looker. He has golden eyes, a petal pink nose and a funny little black soul patch under his chin.

Now that it’s getting chilly, you need a little Chip in your life. Nothing warms you up quite as much as a cat.

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