Gunther- Adopted 09/29/18

Gunther- Adopted 09/29/18


Age: 19 weeks old
Gender: Male
Size: 5.73 lbs.

Gunther is a fun, friendly kitten who never met a stranger. Every visitor to his room (which he shares with a few of our other kittens) gets the full Gunther treatment: rubs, purring, and lap time.

This gorgeous boy has a small nick out of the tip of his left ear. We don’t know how it happened, and he’s not telling. It adds character — not that he needs it.

While he’s happy to play with his roommates or any convenient cat toys, Gunther is really a people person at heart. Now all he needs is some people of his own. Are you Gunther’s future family? There’s only one way to find out.

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