Jarvis- Adopted 09/30/18

Jarvis- Adopted 09/30/18


Age: 1 Year Old
Gender: Male
Size: 11.04 lbs.

Jarvis is such a great catch!

There are so many things to love about Jarvis, it’s kind of hard to know where to start. This wiggly terrier mix never met a stranger. When you get down on his level, he immediately launches himself at you and unleashes a tsunami of kisses. Scratch his velvety ears, and he collapses in your lap and groans with pleasure.

This perfectly-sized guy is barely out of puppyhood and has the playful personality to prove it — he’s a total ball guy. Fetch is his life! He does well with other dogs, but he likes people more. If he has one flaw (and it’s a small one), it’s that he is a bit of an escape artist. Or maybe he’s just trying to find his new family.

  • Gets along with most dogs

  • Great family dog

  • Affectionate temperament

  • The life of the party

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