Lala - Adopted 10/27/18

Lala - Adopted 10/27/18


Age: 1 Years old
Gender: Female
Size: 12.12 lbs.

Lala is a lovely girl who is currently bunking with a big-personality roommate named Shadow. She’s a bit of an attention seeker. Okay, a lot of an attention seeker. Maybe you didn’t even notice Lala amid all of Shadow’s leaping, dancing, and lap-hogging? It happens.

Through the window of their condo, Lala and Shadow can seem a little…bouncy — don’t worry though, they’re just inviting you inside! One on one, Lala is sweet as pie, physically affectionate, and very easy to handle.

We don’t know Lala’s background, but it must have included leashes, because she is a dream to walk! She pays attention to her human companion and appreciates the scenery in a low-drama way.

Need a little Lala in your life? Yes, you do.

  • Gets along with most dogs

  • Great family dog

  • Affectionate temperament

  • The life of the party

  • Usually polite and appropriate

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