Lenny- Adopted 10/04/18

Lenny- Adopted 10/04/18


Age: 1 year old
Gender: Male
Size: 7 lbs.

Lenny has absolutely no chill.

With his adventurous spirit and nonstop energy, Lenny has all the makings of a very fun pet. When visitors stop to look at him, he pounces, paws, dances, and leaps. Imagine what this acrobat could do if he had room to really spread out!

Lenny is FIV positive, and keeps getting overlooked as a result. Don’t let this put you off. These cats can live long, healthy lives with good care. Plus, since FIV+ cats face an uphill battle finding homes, you get extra hero points for adopting one.

Although he is likely a genetic mutt, Lenny has very striking coloring that is reminiscent of a Birman or a Ragdoll. In other words: he’s easy on the eyes.

If you’re looking for a lazy cat who sleeps all day, you should probably keep looking….elsewhere. If you’re looking for some genuine feline comic relief, please come meet Lenny. He really needs a home of his own.

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