Macy - Adopted 10/27/18

Macy - Adopted 10/27/18


Age: 16 weeks old
Gender: Female
Size: 3.38 lbs.

In the kitten room where she spends her days, Macy is the life of the party. A bit of a clown and a bit of an instigator, Macy has been known to start a little trouble. Looking for a mellow, lazy cat that will sleep on the back of the sofa all day? Keep looking…elsewhere. This girl has enough energy for three kittens!

This pint-sized purr monster likes her roommates and toys just fine, but she lives to play with people. Now she just needs some people of her own. Macy keeps getting overlooked for smaller kittens, and it’s making her sad. She’s just a baby herself. Will you be her family?

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