Phineas - Adopted 10/20/18

Phineas - Adopted 10/20/18


Age: 1 years old
Gender: Male
Size: 10 lbs

Phineas may technically no longer be a puppy, but he doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. This perfectly-sized little guy is wiggly, happy, and excited to meet every new person who visits him in his kennel.

He seems to have an affinity for tennis balls, but if he had to choose between people and tennis balls…people would win every time.

What he currently lacks in obedience training, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. As a dog who is food motivated and a people pleaser, he will probably respond well to training. Do you have room in your home and your heart for this sweet young dog?

  • Gets along with most dogs

  • Great family dog

  • Affectionate temperament

  • The life of the party

  • Learning greeting and leash manners

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