Snickers-Adopted 08/25/18

Snickers-Adopted 08/25/18


Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

Size: 12lbs.

Arrival date: 8/20/18

Personality: Playful, Sweet

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Note: Daisy is available to meet with you by appointment. Please call our adoptions department at (650) 367-1405 to schedule a time to meet this awesome dog.

Daisy is an agility queen. She’s super fast, graceful, and athletic – Daisy would be the perfect dog for dog sports – no, really. Her dream is to be an agility or flyball dog (just ask to see her hurdle jumping technique!).

The tennis ball is Daisy’s best friend – she’ll play fetch to her heart’s content and is very polite while waiting for it to be thrown for her.

Daisy learns quickly and is super trainable. She’s still working on her manners, but will continue to improve with consistent training and guidance. Plus, her adoption comes with free training so you’ll get a jumpstart on teaching Daisy the ways of a well-mannered houseguest.

Daisy already knows sit and down – she even listens to commands from far away!

She prefers to meet people slowly at first, but ask to meet her and she would love to show you her skills with the tennis ball.