Dog Volunteers Positions



Spend some quiet time with our dogs one-on-one in their kennels.

Playgroup Monitor 

Work with a team to manage doggy playgroups of 2-12 animals.

Dog Walker

Take our dogs outdoors for walks around the block, yard time, and potty breaks.

Enrichment Monitor

With a partner, create, distribute, and clean up fun brain-teasers for our dogs.

Hiking Buddy/Mutt Strut

Become a single dog’s advocate, taking that dog for one 1-3 hour outing per week until it is adopted.

Special Projects

Learn about the amazing world of animal behavior and cognition—then use your new skills to help an individual animal learn basic “tricks” or overcome a problem behavior.


Cat Volunteer Positions


Feline Friends

Help enrich the life of cats by engaging them in play and socializing them.


Other  Volunteer Positions


Community Outreach

Assist at adoption and other offsite events. Help by handling our adoptable animals and speaking to the public about Pets In Need, our animals, and programs.


Pet, camera, action! Take pictures and videos of our animals as needed for our website and media use.

Corporate Volunteers

Help our animals get exercise and socialize with humans. We'll bring a group of animals to your workplace that you and your team can spend time with. Learn more →