Donate items from our wishlist

With the many animals that move through our facility, we are constantly in need of supplies, from beds to toys, food dishes to litter boxes. We accept items that are in good or new condition. Supplies can be dropped off at our facility anytime during our adoption hours.


Please note that we can only accept the items listed below.

  • Canned dog or cat food (no prescription or expired food)
  • KMR kitten formula (powder or ready to use)
  • ESBILAC puppy formula
  • Puppy and kitten bottle feeding kits
  • Gift cards from pet supply stores
  • Stainless steel food dishes
  • Dog toys such as rope toys and balls (no KONGs)
  • New cat toys and wands
  • Small, medium, or large crates (no x-large crates)
  • Clean or unused towels (not frayed or torn)
  • Non-clumping litter
  • Litter boxes
  • Non-electric heating pads/discs
  • Small fleece blankets

Check out our Amazon wishlist

Alternatively, you can purchase and ship supplies to us from Amazon. Our Amazon wishlist includes links to specific items we continually need.