6 reasons to participate in your local shelter’s Doggy Day Out program

Pets In Need is partnering with Mutual Rescue to bring the Doggy Day Out program to our shelter! We have piloted the program with our volunteers, and are excited to eventually make this program available to the public.

In the meantime, here are some reasons to get excited about this program:

  1. Shelters are a stressful place for dogs. Taking a dog out for the afternoon gives them a chance to stretch their legs and get some stress-relieving exercise not possible in a shelter environment.

2. Even spending a small amount of time with a pet has been proven to reduce stress in humans too! Feeling worn down? No problem! Take a dog out for a jaunt on the town and you’ll be feeling better in no time.


3.Outings more closely mirror how a dog might interact in a home setting, so taking a dog for the afternoon helps us gather lots of valuable information and photos to aid us in our marketing and adoption efforts!


4.The dogs get to meet new potential forever families! Getting out and about and letting the dogs strut their stuff allows them to show off for a whole host of new potential adopters that would never get to meet them in the shelter.


5. If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to get out and exercise, a doggy walking partner may be just the thing you need!


6. Doggy Day Out programs don’t require a lot of time investment, so they’re perfect for people with busy schedules who may not otherwise be able to commit to volunteering.


Stay tuned to our website and social media to hear when you can bring a dog out for the day!