Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

  • My pet’s rabies vaccination certificate is expiring in one year. Can I still purchase a license for three years?
    No. The rabies certificate must be effective during the entire licensing period

  • My pet has a medical condition and my veterinarian does not recommend a rabies vaccination.
    Please have your veterinarian fill out our rabies vaccination exemption form. Then send the completed form and your pet’s most recent medical record to us. Exemptions are valid for one year and you must submit a new form annually.

  • What does altered and unaltered mean?
    Unaltered refers to an animal that has not undergone spay or neuter surgery and is capable of reproduction. An altered animal has been spayed or neutered and is unable to reproduce.

  • I lost my pet’s licensing tag. Can I get a replacement?
    Yes, you can. Replacement tags are available for $5.00.

  • My pet has passed away. How do I update my licensing record.
    We are sorry to hear about that. Contact us and we will update your record. You can call us at (650) 496-5971 or email