Camp PIN Pals

Pets In Need’s Camp PIN Pals provides week-long day camps at our animal shelter in Redwood City. Our camps are filled with educational activities, crafts and games, interaction with our animals, and tons of fun! Camp PIN Pals is designed to provide an engaging experience for young animal lovers and an opportunity to learn about animals. We host camp throughout the year with spring, summer, and winter sessions.


Ages: 9-12
Sessions: Camp sessions are held during winter, spring, and summer breaks
Time: Camp runs from 10:00 am–3:00 pm
Fee: $325 per child per week

School Visits

Teachers and schools can arrange for Pets In Need to visit their campuses and provide presentations to their students. We’ll discuss a wide variety of topics from basic animal care to why animal shelters exist. Presentations can be customized to the students and their topics of study. Students will also have a chance to meet one of our animals. This is a great opportunity for students to cultivate a love for animals and also apply their classroom studies to real-world situations. 

These visits cost nothing for the schools or the students, as these visits are sponsored by local companies. 


Length of visit: 45 minutes-1.5 hour
Fees: Sponsored
Presentation content varies, but can include: videos, open discussions, hands-on activities, and a meet and greet with an animal.

Girl Scout Program

Local Girl Scout troops are welcome to come and earn their pet badge with us. During their visit, scouts will learn all about pets and how to care for them. They will also be able to get creative and make enrichment toys for our animals. Of course, a visit to our shelter isn’t complete without a chance to meet some furry friends—all scouts will spend time with our cats and dogs. At the end of the visit, each scout will receive her pet badge. 


Length of visit: 1.5 hours
Fee: $20 per scout
Includes: a shelter tour, a hands-on activity, time to socialize animals, and a pet badge for each scout.

Teen Shadow

Our Shadow Program allows teenagers to spend a day or more at our shelter to get an in-depth look into what we do. They will closely work with staff to learn about the various routines and responsibilities that are essential to successfully running our facility. These include administrative duties, medical routines, animal care, the adoption process, and socializing animals. This program allows teens to gain valuable experience that they will be able to build upon as they get older.


Birthday Parties

Pets In Need’s birthday party packages are a great way to celebrate a birthday for any kid 7 and up! Parties are held Saturdays and Sundays and start between 1-3 pm. These hour and a half packages include games, activities, and plenty of time socializing puppies and kittens. Parties are $325 and can host a maximum of 8 children per party. Book your child's party soon as dates fill up quickly.


Ages: 7 and up
Days held: Saturdays and Sundays
Start time: Between 1:00-3:00 pm
Duration: 2 hours
№ of children: Up to 8
Includes: a shelter tour, a hands-on activity, goodie bags, and time to socialize animals
Fee: $325

Enrichment Volunteers

Children and teens can volunteer with us by creating enrichment activities for our animals. Our animals need daily mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Our cats enjoy hiding in cardboard boxes—it makes them feel safe and secure! They also benefit from food puzzles that engage their critical thinking skills and help them burn energy. Children of any age are welcome to use the instructions below to create these enrichment items at home and bring them to our shelter. It will greatly benefit our animals!