The Second Chance Three


In our line of work, we often rescue animals that aren’t in perfect health. These animals are many times the friendliest, yet most vulnerable cats and dogs at public shelters due to the limited funding available for specialty procedures or rehabilitation. This was the case with our “Second Chance Three”, Janelle, Jessica, and Zen. All three are wonderful, adoptable dogs that came to us requiring extensive surgery before they could go home with their forever families.

While it is not uncommon to have animals come to us in this condition, it is uncommon for three animals in our care to undergo major surgeries in one week. Jessica and Janelle were treated for different conditions, but received the same surgery together and have since formed an extremely tight bond. They are now on the mend and available for adoption, however they require daily physical therapy to ensure their muscles in their legs are healing correctly.

Zen, unlike Jessica and Janelle, had a more unusual condition. He had a hyper-extended wrist on his front leg, making it impossible to walk on his paw pad and causing painful sores that were left untreated before we took him in. While it is unclear if this was from an injury or simply a birth defect, our Medical Director decided the best course of action would be to amputate the leg all together. As if an amputation wasn’t enough for this little dog, he also had a hernia on the side of his abdomen that needed repair, likely due to some sort of trauma, and required a three-hour dental procedure including multiple extractions due to horrific dental disease. Zen’s procedures have all been completed and he is happily recovering with one of our veterinary assistants until he is ready for adoption.

Despite the trauma and pain they endured before receiving the critical surgeries they needed, all three dogs remain in high spirits, retaining their friendly demeanor and bonding quickly with shelter staff and volunteers. With the worst of their lives behind them, we are certain they will make incredible pets to their lucky adopters, and can’t wait to see them live the long, happy lives they deserve.

If you would like to support the care of future animals like Jessica, Janelle, and Zen, please donate to our Second Chance Fund.