A tripod poodle mix gets her happily ever after

When we pulled her from a public shelter in Hollister, this darling poodle mix had been limping for a long time. Peggy was born with a deformed left paw, and it made it difficult for her to get around.

After weighing all options, our veterinary team concluded that amputating her leg would make her more comfortable in the long run and allow her to lead a normal life. With lots of love and excellent medical care, she recovered quickly.

Once she hit the adoption floor, it didn’t take long for Peggy to catch the attention of her future owner. It was love at first sight. As we always do, we asked the woman if she’d like to consider a few other dogs before making a commitment. “Nope,” she replied, “she’s the one.”

Ready to welcome a furry person into your family?

Jamie Pearson