Buttercup is the best dog you're overlooking


Little brown dogs have a tough time standing out in California shelters — there are just so darned many of them. While their black, golden, and white neighbors come and go, they often wait and wait and wait.

Buttercup has been waiting since June.

This charming chihuahua mix is a mature lady, but you’d never know it if you saw her frisking and frolicking with her squeaky toys. Oh, how she loves to bite their soft, squeaky bellies!

She has a squeaky alligator, a squeaky sloth, a squeaky snake, and a squeaky dragon. She tries to give them equal playtime, but the squeaky alligator is obviously her favorite (when she finds her new family, we’re definitely sending it home with her).

More reasons to love Buttercup

Other appealing things about Buttercup: 1) she walks really nicely on a leash, 2) she’s house trained, 3) she’ll do virtually anything for belly rubs, and 4) she snorts like a pig when she’s happy.

If Buttercup has a vice, it’s that she’s not a fan of her own species. For this reason, she’ll need to be your only dog. Honestly, it’s a small price to pay for such a funny, affectionate pet.

Buttercup is eligible for foster to adopt. Foster to adopt is a great way to learn if one of our animals is a good fit for your family prior to committing to adoption. When you foster to adopt, you have seven days to make up your mind. To learn more, please email jweinstock@petsinneed.org.

Jamie Pearson