Bonded senior dogs are ready to love again


Despite their sunny personalities and happy, smiling dogfaces, Sam and Romar have had a rough few weeks.

When their owner of 11 years had to move away unexpectedly, these brothers (and best friends) were surrendered to the shelter. Not only did they lose their family, they lost the only home they’d ever known.

Despite this tough break, Sam and Romar are keeping a positive attitude. They still have each other, and we intend to keep it that way. You know what’s better than a playful, energetic, happy-go-lucky senior dog? Two playful, energetic, happy-go-lucky senior dogs. We are making them a bonded pair so that they’ll never be separated.

These guys never met a squeaky toy they didn’t like. They walk nicely on a leash. They’re house trained. If you’re able to open your home and your heart to these affectionate, low maintenance sweethearts, they’ll reward you with a lifetime of love and devotion.


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Jamie Pearson