We are up to our eyeballs in gorgeous black cats

This one is called Bernardo. He’s worried he’ll get overlooked in a sea of black cats.

First it was just Raylene and Rooster. Then Wakanda and Wisteria came in. Waldo, Warner, and Wendolyn followed close on their heels. Before we knew it, we had 19 black kittens and cats on the adoptions floor of our Redwood City shelter. 19!

Our visitors sometimes get a little overwhelmed trying to tell them apart. Often they just throw up their hands, adopt an orange kitten, and call it a day. While this is totally understandable, we would be so happy to find homes for these kitties. Do you have room in your heart for a house panther or two? Come on down! We are all are eager to meet you.

Jamie Pearson