Where are they now? Bear the big poodle puppy


Here at Pets In Need, nothing delights us more than visits from happy adopters and their new canine family members. If you bring one of our alumni back to say hello, prepare to be fawned over, photographed, and peppered with questions!

Back in December, we rescued a pair of what appeared to be 10-month-old standard poodles, Bear and his sister Boo Boo. As expected, they were quickly adopted.

Since then, we’ve often wondered how they were doing (we wonder this about all our dogs — seriously, come back and see us some time). Today Bear came in for a visit, and all our questions were answered.

How big did he get?

Bear — who now goes by Godric — went from a 70-lb puppy to a 107-lb dog! His dad Alex concedes that he could stand to lose five pounds, but we think he’s gorgeous.

Poodle or…?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, doggie DNA tests are here to stay. Alex ran a DNA test on Bear. The results indicate that he’s 79% Standard Poodle, 14% Mastiff, and 7% Great Pyrenees. No wonder this guy is as big as a pony!

How is training going?

Very well! Bear isn’t as jumpy as he was as a pup. While he’s still a bit of a force of nature on a leash, he likes everybody: dogs of all sizes, people, and even cats (he spent a significant part of our visit trying to drag Alex over to look at the cats).

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Jamie Pearson