6 Animals You Must Meet at Clear the Shelters

Clear the shelters is only a few days away—Saturday, August 19! You're planning on stopping by, but with so many animals to meet and very little time, how are you supposed to decide which animal is perfect for you? No worries! We put together a little cheatsheet of animals we think you should get to know.

1. Gil


If you're looking for a portable-sized pal to take on your outdoor adventures, Gil is the man for you! He's got the energy for long play sessions, and is also very well-mannered towards humans and other canines alike. He picks up well on other dogs' moods and preferences; he won't try and play with a dog who isn't up for it. When it comes to social situations, we'd say Gil is an expert.

2. Blanche  


Announcing her royal highness, Princess Blanche! This lady is always looking regal in her white coat, even when waking up from a long nap. Blanche knows she's a princess and wants to be treated as such. She does enjoy company and doesn't mind too much humans touching her pristine fur, but requests to have her time alone now and then (introverts, we're sure you can relate!). She usually can be found relaxing in a small nook or perched high, observing her surroundings.

3. Adele 


Adele is for sure one of the darlings of our shelter. She is shy, an introvert, and not a fan of loud noises. But when it's just you and her, she is one of the most warm and gentle beings on the planet. Adele just needs a bit of TLC to help her feel more comfortable when her surroundings become hectic. Get to know Adele and her preferences well, and she will be a devoted companion.

4. Shen


Just by looking at him, Shen looks like he's gone through some tough times that made him hard as nails. In reality, he's the biggest softie we know. Walk into the same room as this 7 year old fellow and he will be all over you. All you'll hear are purrs and all you'll feel is his head against your legs. If you're big on snuggling, then Shen's the man for you.

5. Roscoe 


Hold a treat in your hand and you're Roscoe's best friend. This guy loves food, which makes him the perfect candidate for training. He also has love for being outside - he's great when he's hanging out with other dogs and treats everyone really well. Roscoe tends to be pretty mellow (and sure enjoys his back rubs!), making him perfect for those days when you just want to chill at home.

6. Shelby


When Shelby first came to our shelter, she spent most of her time hiding in the box in her condo. Now, we often see this long-haired tortie out and about, exploring her room, and watching visitors pass through. This calm little lady has definitely opened up and shown us her curious side. Though she still is reserved at times, all she needs is a little patience and she will come out of her shell.

If there are any other animals you'd like to get to know before Clear the Shelters, stop by this week to meet them! Remember, the event is this Saturday, August 19, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm. All adoptions will be free!

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