A foster home for Misty

misty1 If you have been following us for some time, you probably know of Misty. She’s our beautiful hound mix who is well-loved by the staff and volunteers of our shelter.

Misty arrived at our shelter in November 2014 after a stay at a public shelter. She has been adopted twice, but was returned for various reasons.

Unfortunately, Misty experiences a constant state of stress and fear, due in part to the shelter environment. The atmosphere of our shelter ranges between calm and chaotic. Visitors, most of whom are strangers to Misty, continually pass through our hallways. Dogs are shuffled in and out throughout the day for walks, which tends to make other dogs bark and the environment noisy. Though these things are simply the nature animal shelters, they make Misty anxious.

IMG_7161All of us at Pets In Need are committed to not only saving the lives of dogs and cats, but to giving them the best lives possible. Because Misty has been with us for so long, our biggest wish right now is to find her a foster home where she can be comfortable and happy. Our goal is to provide her with customized training that will allow her to develop the skills to deal with the things that make her stressed and fearful. We hope that Misty eventually will be able to cope with her stress and find a forever home where she can thrive.

This is where you and the rest of the PIN community come in. We need your help in finding an appropriate temporary foster home for Misty. We know it won't be easy, given Misty's unique situation. However, we also know that we can find it with you teaming up with us.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Misty's foster parents must have experience caring for large dogs.
  • They must be willing and able to implement the custom training plan that we will send home with Misty.
  • Misty can be left at home by herself for short periods of time. When she is, it would be best if she was kept in a room or a pen.
  • Misty's foster home currently should not have any resident dogs.
  • They also must be prepared for the love and snuggles Misty will soon give them!

As with all of our fosters, we will happily provide Misty's food and supplies. We will also provide training and behavioral assistance for Misty as she works her way through our training plan.

These specific requirements make the search for a foster home challenging. That is why we are reaching out to you. We ask that you spread the word about Misty and her situation. If you know of anyone who might be interested in giving our girl a temporary home, please contact our Foster Coordinator, Amanda Hardee, at ahardee@petsinneed.org.

Update October 12: At this time, we are no longer accepting offers for a foster home for Misty.