Bessie was rescued recently from a public shelter. One of her rear legs was misshapen and she was not bearing weight on that limb. X-rays revealed what appeared to be an old fracture that had healed improperly. Bessie was seen by a specialist to assess whether the limb could be repaired. The specialist assessed the images and determined that the poorly healed fracture was probably due to blunt force trauma such as being hit by a car. 

The old fracture is causing Bessie pain and she will never be able to use the leg properly, even with corrective surgery. Fortunately, an amputation will bring Bessie great relief and dogs her size do very well on three legs.

The estimated cost for Bessie’s surgery and medical care will be around $2,200. Bessie is the sweetest dog. She has been through something traumatic yet remains optimistic and eager for attention. We want Bessie to have the best quality of life possible. We need your help making that possible. Any donation, no matter how small, will help us cover the costs for Bessie’s medical care and allow her to live a comfortable and happy life.

Note: We often rescue animals with unanticipated medical needs, and currently have several in our shelter. Any donation we receive over $2,200 will go directly to help other animals with extensive medical needs like Bessie.

UPDATE: Bessie's leg was amputated, and has started to heal up nicely. She's active, and seems to hardly notice the missing leg. Bessie is now available for adoption - see her profile here

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