A Dedication to Q Tip

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My wife and I just made the most difficult decision pet owners have to make. We’ve decided that our perfect angel, Q-tip (see above), needs to be put down. I won’t go into detail about what Q’s medical problems are that led us to this decision; suffice to say she has physically declined to the point where her quality of life is poor and rapidly worsening.

Little Q came to Pets In Need and the Mollica family about six months ago. A stranger brought her to our shelter when he discovered her near a dumpster in Redwood City. We normally don’t take surrendered animals or drop-offs at Pets In Need, but the front desk staff had a feeling that my wife and I might be willing to foster this tiny bundle of white fur. They were right!

For the past six months, we watched Q grow from a barely alive bottle baby to a blur of white fur that dominated playtime with her five other feline siblings. She became Daddy’s favorite from day one and got way more cuddle time with my wife and me than the other cats, much to their chagrin! Now, way too soon, we are forced to say goodbye.

As Q’s health declined, the questions started – Are we doing enough? Do new treatments exist that we’re not considering? How far do we go? Now that we’re at the end of this heartbreaking process, a new set of questions are being asked – What will the house be like without our ray of sunshine? How long will we feel the loss? When will we foster again?

We don’t have answers to many of the questions we have, but we do know that we will foster again. Our lives were immeasurably enriched by our little snowflake. She gave way more than she received and her memory will live on with us forever.

Sometime down the road we’ll be ready for another little Q-tip.

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Al Mollica Executive Director