Help us get rid of the cuteness, please!

Listen, we need your help. 

Denzel I'm listening.

We need to get these kittens out of here.


Excuse me?

We're sick of the fluffiness. The playfulness. And especially the cuteness.


I know you're not talking about me. 

Yes, you. And all your adorable, cuddly, havoc-wreaking friends. We're over it. We want you guys out, and we want you out now. 


Well now you're just being rude.

It's nothing personal. Sure, kittens are cuteness epitomized. They're sweet, fluffy, destruction maniacs. But we want them out of the shelter and into some homes.

That doesn't sound so bad. You had me worried for a minute there.

Think you can help us out? We have new kittens coming into our adoptions area by the day (we're not kidding). Help us get them out of here and adopt a kitten (or two) this weekend. From Friday through Sunday, you can even adopt 2 kittens for the price of 1

You mean we could go home together?

Yes, you can go home together. Cause double the destruction and provide double the snuggles. 

Don't miss out - come pick up your own little curtain climber (or 2!) this weekend.