5 Faces You Can't Miss at Clear the Shelters

Clear the Shelters

Excited about Clear the Shelters, but a little overwhelmed at all the options? Fear not! We put together a handy guide with five of our favorite faces around the shelter.



Oreo is a super friendly boy with so much love to give. He’ll be the first one to come up and say hi and immediately will snuggle up in your lap. Oreo has a little bit of weight to lose but he's working hard at it by sunbathing, relaxing, and taking constant naps (okay, maybe he's not working that hard!). Oreo also gets along great with other cats and him and his roommate Ash are the best of friends. If you’re looking for a mellow snuggle buddy, Oreo is the right cat for the job.



If we gave out awards at the shelter, Tad would win "most improved." In just a few months, Tad has gone from wild-child-whirlwind-crazy man to a sweet, lovable dog that will literally roll onto his back for tummy rubs. Tad is wonderful with people and has even proven he can be great with children. He’s been working on his leash manners, basic commands, and his attitude around other dogs. While he's still pretty selective about most dogs, he's slowly been able to improve and learn to accept them. This spunky dog will make someone very happy, and he can't wait to show them his eagerness to learn!



Listen, it's time for Daisy to find her people. She's put in the work - she slimmed down a few pounds, got back into exercising, and now she looks like a supermodel. She's got sweet and lovable down to a science. She gets along with other dogs, she's great on walks, and she loves attention from her favorite people.  Daisy is our longest resident - it's time for her to find her forever home.  



We call Addy our little wild cat. She loves to climb and explore her surroundings. She's pretty sweet, but sees people as more of a vehicle for toys she can play with. A lap cat? Maybe not often, but that doesn’t mean Addy doesn’t want to be friends. She prefers to sit way up high and observe her surroundings exactly like a cat in the jungle. Addy is looking for a nice mellow home with someone who doesn't mind waving that feather toy. If you give her a little space, Addy will repay you with tons of love and companionship. 



Misty is one of those sweet, soulful looking dogs that you just can't help but be drawn to. It doesn't hurt that when she falls in love with her people, she falls hard. Despite her extremely sweet personality, Misty suffers from anxiety. She has always been terrified of going outside the shelter, and was even nervous spending time in the lobby. Thankfully, we have a couple amazing volunteers who have been working with her. Just a couple weeks ago, Misty made her first big step. With patience, love and consistency, Misty is now willing to face her fears and go for walks outside. She will need continued support and patience to help her become the dog she deserves to be. 

JonJon Panda

And last but certainly not least...kittens!

Okay, okay. We know we said we were only showing you five of our favorite animals. But who can resist kittens? They’re cute, they’re snuggly, and they play like rambunctious little monsters. JonJon and Panda are just two of the adorable furballs here at our shelter waiting for their forever home. They're hoping you pop in to see them.

Check out more of our awesome, adoptable animals at Pets In Need. And don't forget to come meet them face to face on Saturday, July 23rd! We'll have free adoptions all day and we're open 10am-5pm!