The Lesson of Milo

Milo came to Pets In Need almost exactly 5 years ago as an abused 4 month old puppy. It was clear right away that he had an issue with his skin, which we quickly found out was Ischemic Dermatopathy, a condition that caused his skin to look chafed and sore. He was also diagnosed with Corneal Dystrophy, an eye condition that causes swelling in the corneas and can affect eyesight.

By July of 2014, our staff and medical team noticed that Milo's health was declining. They discovered he had squamous cell carcinoma, an invasive and terminal form of cancer in his mouth. His health continued to decline until early January, when our team began having discussions about Milo's quality of life. Our medical staff decided that the best thing we could do was find a "fospice" home for our brave little boy. We needed someone to care for Milo for the limited time he would have left. We sent out an appeal and hoped for the best.

We soon received a response from a family who had seen our appeal and had just lost a dog of their own. They weren't sure they were ready for another dog, especially one with a terminal illness, but their oldest daughter just couldn't get Milo out of her mind. In February of 2015, the Pai family officially took Milo into their home, knowing that he wasn’t expected to live more than a few weeks.

Fast-forward ten months, and Milo is thriving. He settled right into the family's household with a new dog brother as well as three human siblings. The oldest daughter fell in love with him immediately, but it wasn't long before all three kids were fighting over who got to have Milo sleep in bed with them.

Milo takes naps with his new dog friend, Jeffrey, and his other siblings. In fact, Milo and Jeffrey are inseparable. They can all usually be found curled up together taking sunbaths, playing together at the park, or shepherding around the foster puppies the family frequently takes in.

Milo isn’t just a slouch and nap-taker – he also walks his little humans to school every day, and doesn't miss a chance to curl up with them on the couch and "help with homework."

Milo’s favorite (and most hilarious) activity is stealing socks from everyone in the house and hoarding them in his bed. Milo has even started finding socks on his walks and carrying them back to the house for safekeeping! His family has documented all of his hysterical antics and habits on a twitter feed called, Milo's Life.

Milo's life is an important lesson about the Pets In Need’s commitment to saving lives and about our mission. Being a “no-kill” shelter means giving every animal we rescue – even medically fragile animals like Milo - a chance. Milo brings so much joy to everyone he meets. His family adores him, and we know that the feeling from Milo, is mutual.

Thank you Pai family for giving our brave little boy a second lease on life.