Shadow - Adopted 11/10/18

Shadow - Adopted 11/10/18


Age: 1 Year Old
Gender: Male
Size: 14.10 lbs.

Shadow is special, and he knows it. With his big bunny ears and his endlessly wagging whip of a tail, this bouncy guy can be hard to resist. But really, why would you ever want to resist him? Besides the funny ears and tail, Shadow’s assets include velvety fur, soulful eyes, and a body that is perfectly lap-sized. He’s the total package.

Through the window of his condo, he can seem a little…bouncy — don’t worry though, he’s just inviting you inside! One on one, he is sweet as pie, physically affectionate, and very easy to handle.

We don’t know Shadow’s background, but it must have included leashes, because he is a dream to walk! No pulling, but plenty of happy wiggling. He’s just happy to be outside with you on this beautiful day.

Do you have room in your heart and your home for Shadow? We would love to introduce you.

  • Gets along with most dogs

  • Great family dog

  • Affectionate temperament

  • The life of the party

  • Usually polite and appropriate

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